Trimming & Pruning


Yonkers Tree Removal Service provides the highest quality tree trimming and pruning services for Yonkers NY. Our team is available for commercial and residential tree trimming and pruning services. Our trained team of arborists has experience caring for all species of trees, bushes and shrubs. We offer quick and reliable service that will beautify your property. Our team can provide seasonal, yearly and monthly pruning services that will meet your needs and budget. Our trimming services will help your plants grow healthier and fuller. If you need tree trimming and pruning services, feel free to email or call our customer service team today to learn more about our service.

Trimming & Pruning Benefits

Our tree and shrub trimming and pruning services will beautify your property. Tree trimming and pruning can take up your entire weekend. Our team of trained professionals can have your trees, shrubs and bushes looking great in no time. We provide the highest quality services that will beautify your property and help promote healthy growth of your plants as well. After grooming, your home’s landscape will look amazing and your home’s curb appeal will improve. Your property will also be safer. We will remove any dead or decaying branches that could be harmful to your property in the future.

Commercial Tree Pruning Services

Yonkers Tree Removal Service is available for your commercial trimming needs. The exterior of your business is the first thing your customers will see. If you have poorly cared for trees and bushes, your business might not look inviting. We offer a variety of packages that will beautify your commercial property. Our team can handle trimming and pruning of any size property. We offer seasonal, monthly and yearly services that will help your trees and plants grow healthier. Our team will inspect your trees and bushes for dead branches, decaying plants, diseases and insect infestations during our services.

Residential Tree Pruning Services

We are also available for your residential trimming and pruning needs. Tree and bush pruning can take up plenty of time if you plan on doing the job yourself. It can also be dangerous to cut large branches if they are close to your home or utility lines. We offer a variety of services for our residential clients that will free up their precious weekends. Our team of trained arborists will safely remove any dead or decaying branches from your property during trimming. We will also prune your trees and bushes to promote healthy growth. Our team has experience caring for all species of plants.

Tree Cutting and Removal Services

Yonkers Tree Removal Service is a full-service tree removal company as well. We have years of experience safely removing trees from commercial and residential properties. Our team follows the strictest safety standards during every tree removal. Your family and home will be safe from falling branches or trees during every removal. We have years of experience removing trees and large branches from any area. Do you have an emergency downed tree due to a storm or extreme weather? Our team is available today for emergency tree removal as well. Don’t hesitate to give our customer service team a call if you need emergency tree removal.