Lawn Care Maintenance

Yonkers Tree Removal Service provides a variety of lawn care maintenance services for commercial and residential clients. Our team has years of experience caring for trees, lawns and landscapes in Yonkers and Westchester County. We offer a variety of packages that will have your lawn and landscape looking amazing all season long. We can provide weekly, monthly and seasonal services that will help your lawn grow healthy and look amazing. We will mow, fertilize, trim and prune your lawn and trees today. Your home will look amazing and your curb appeal will improve. Sit back and relax while our team handles your weekly lawn care chores.

Lawn Care Maintenance Benefits

Yonkers Tree Removal Service provides the highest quality lawn care services. Our team will care for your lawn all Summer long while you sit back and relax. You won’t have to worry about the intensive labor, getting a sunburn or sore muscles once you hire our team. We will arrive on time and quickly take care of your lawn’s needs. You’ll have consistent care provided and your lawn will grow healthier. A well maintained lawn and landscape will improve your home’s curb appeal and its value as well. Potential home buyers will be impressed with a well-groomed lawn and landscape.

Residential Lawn Care Maintenance

We are a full-service residential lawn care team. Our trained professionals are available to care for your lawn and landscape all season long. We can provide seeding, fertilization and weed killer to ensure your lawn grows healthy. You can hire our professionals to provide a weekly cut that will help promote healthy growth of your lawn. Our team is also available for tree and bush trimming and pruning. Our tree trimming services will safely remove any dead or decaying branches and help your trees grow full and healthy. Feel free to email or call our customer service team today to learn more about our residential lawn care services.

Commercial Lawn Care Maintenance

Yonkers Tree Removal Service also provides commercial lawn care services. Your lawn and landscape are the first things your clients will see when visiting your business. An unkept lawn or landscape can discourage customers from visiting your business. An unhealthy lawn or trees can also be a safety hazard to your customers and employees. It may also encourage mosquitos and other pests. We offer a variety of packages for commercial properties that will beautify your property. Our team can provide lawn and tree care for any size property.

Emergency Storm Cleanup and Maintenance

Was your home of business hit hard by a recent storm? Winter storms or thunderstorms can wreak havoc on your property. You may have several downed branches that are disrupting your property. We offer emergency storm cleanup services to get your property looking great again. Our team can safely remove trees and branches of any size from your property. Do you have large branches blocking your road or sidewalk? Do you have branches that are damaging your home or utility lines? No worries, our team can arrive and safely remove any branches that are causing problems.