About Our Team

Yonkers Tree Removal Service is the premier tree and landscape company in Yonkers. We provide a variety of lawn, tree and landscape services for commercial and residential clients. Our team of trained arborists has years of experience caring for all species of trees, shrubs and bushes. We offer tree inspection and tree removal services. Let our team inspect your trees and provide you a detailed report on their health. We also offer trimming and pruning services for your trees, shrubs and bushes. A seasonal trimming will ensure your plants grow full and healthy. Do you have trees that you would like removed? We offer tree removal services for any size tree. We can safely remove trees that are close to your home or close to utility lines. Our tree removal specialists follow the strictest safety standards during every tree removal. Feel free to contact our customer service team today to learn more about our services.

Yonkers Tree Removal Service is also available for emergency services. A downed tree or large branch can be a danger to your family or your property. Do you have a tree that was hit by lightning or fell during the last snowstorm? Feel free to contact us immediately. We offer 24 hour emergency services and can dispatch a team to care for your downed tree today. We can safely remove trees from your driveway, rooftop or walkways. If you need emergency tree removal services, don’t hesitate to call us today.