Lightning Protection

Tree Lightning Protection

Your largest trees are often the most vulnerable to lightning damage. Large trees can take hundreds of years to grow. A single lightning strike can take that tree down in an instant. Yonkers Tree Removal Service offers lighting protection services for your most vulnerable trees. Our team can ease your worry with a lightning protection system for your trees. We offer installation for commercial and residential properties and almost all species of trees. Let us protect your trees and your property with a lightning protection system. Feel free to email or call our customer service team today to learn more about this service.

Lightning Dangers

Lighting comes in tow varieties that can destroy your trees. Cold bolts are very high current and can penetrate the trunk of a tree and destroy it instantly. Hot bolts are lower current but last longer than cold bolts. When a tree is struck with a hot bolt it will likely set fire. Both are extremely dangerous for your trees. They can snap branches off the trees as well. These dangers can be avoided by a lighting protection system for your trees. We offer a variety of solutions that will keep your trees safe during lightning storms

How Lightning Protection Works

Our team will install lightning rods in trees that are more susceptible to lightning strikes. We have years of experience and training with all species of trees. Certain species are more likely to be hit by lightning than others.  Next, we can choose trees based on their height and proximity to your home. We will inspect your property and trees to determine the best ones to install lightning protection. If you have particularly old or important trees, we will encourage you to install lightning protection there as well.

Lightning Protection Systems

We use a combination of lightning rods and copper cabling to protect your trees. The system will not prevent a tree from being struck by lightning but it does ensure the lightning misses the tree and instead is directed into the soil surrounding the tree. Your tree will be safe from any damage and the lightning will safely disappear. Our team will mount lightning rods on your tree trunk and use a copper cable system that provides an alternate path for the lightning.

Emergency Tree Removal Services

If you’ve had a tree hit by lightning, we are available to safely remove it from your property. Our team is available 24 hours a day to care for any emergency tree damage. We offer quick and reliable service that will safely remove any downed trees or branches from your property. Your family’s safety is our number one priority during any tree removal service. We are available for lightning damage, snowstorm damage or any other extreme weather damage. If you have a tree or branch damaging your property, don’t hesitate to give our team a call. We will dispatch a team to safely remove your tree. We are also available to assist with other tree services.